1998: Melbourne, Australia

5th ICOMON Annual Conference

In Conjunction with the 18th ICOM General Conference

Proceedings of the ICOMON meetings, held in conjunction with the ICOM Conference, Melbourne (Australia, 10-16 October, 1998), ed. by Peter Lane and John Sharples. Melbourne, Numismatic Association of Australia, Inc, 2000. 117 p. (NAA Special publication, 2). (English).

To order hard copy (cost 20AUD Australia or 30AUD rest of world), contact The Numismatic Association of Australia Inc ( naa-online.com/), PO Box 3664, Norwood SA 5067, AUSTRALIA. E-mail: janislane@aapt.net.au

Where there is an online version of the publication, it is available here as pdf files linked to the table of contents. However, a small number of articles are not available because we have not been able to get in touch with their authors to get permission – if you are one of these authors, we would be delighted to hear from you.